We are here to assist you with your business challenges and be part of your digital transformation strategy

Have a problem or business challenge? Technical expertise required?
Or maybe you looking for second opinion on your technical decisions?
We will be able to assist with all that!
Talk to us! Together we will find best solutions for any business challenges or needs

Outsourcing Operations

We effectively will be extension of your IT team with involvement level which best suits goals

As such, your goals is our goals! We are proactively looking for optimization opportunities, making your business more flexible, processes more effective, infrastructure more reliable. We also focused on your customer’s satisfaction and looking how to bring even better experience for them as part of our work. Our mission – constantly adding value to your business

Additional services

Professional technical support for your projects: from concept to hardware

Professional services and support for VyOS – leading open source routing platform.
Access to software and hardware vendors helps us bring best of technologies, and certified engineers in our team is a certainty for you that all work done in a professional way
We also do:
Custom development
VoIP solutions
Support for installations in addition to vendor support
Infrastructure hosting in secure data centers across the world.

About us

We work together since 2006. In 2014 we decided that we are capable of doing much more by combining our knowledge with experience and skills.
We are developers, engineers, lawyers, marketing and sales specialists.
One of our co-founders is core maintainer of open-source project VyOS.
Main activity directions are network and infrastructure virtualization, communications, mobility as most promising and fast-growing areas.
Our investors are we. We are looking for interesting projects that contribute benefits upon completion! We do believe in what we do because we love with passion our job, that allows us to get exciting results.

Our projects

We have built fully hyper-converged infrastructure based on VMWare HCI stack – (vsphere, vsan, vcenter) which meets all requirements, delivered for less then 3 months, and total occupied space is half of rack with consumption <3kW, fully managed by one VMWare engineer.

Bluephone SL requested infrastructure with special availability requirements for their MVNO Project under Fleximovil trademark, since project had startup nature, they looked to start with minimal investments,  with ability scale environment rapidly as per needs, and have clear visibility on usage to avoid resource over provisions while preserving proper resource demand fulfillments, since part of core infrastructure for project are OLTP databases, I/O capacity was also on high priority requirements list.

Pro Bono

We care about well being and better future, looking to improve quality of life in general too, that is why we are helping non-profit organizations who dedicate their work to equity, animals and environment protection, research, medical assistance, renewable energy and culture. Our team is happy to help and provide professional support for the public good rather than profitable action.


Our team members holding various certifications:

Our partners

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